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We could give you page after page of history and facts about paper and if you want that, we have it for you. Just click here to go to the print ready resources page and you'll find what you need.

But the world of paper is best demonstrated visually. After all, while paper feels good to touch, one of the reasons it can make you feel good is because it looks good and with print on it, we think it expands the mind. The things you can do with it make it look even better.




New edition of Forests at a Glance
A new edition of 'Forests at a Glance' was released this month. Copies can be downloaded by clicking here. Printed copies can be requested by phoning 1800 020 or click here to send a message.  Forests at a Glance 2010 includes a summary of the provisional results of the National Plantation Inventory update, which found that the total plantation area increased to 2.02 million hectares in 2009.



Logo SegraSustainable Economic Growth for Regional Australia
SEGRA, Australia's premier conference on regional issues is about assisting regional, rural and remote Australia to source and identify the techniques, skills and issues they need to address to achieve successful economic growth and development. The SEGRA conference, established in 1997, provides a unique opportunity for all sections of the Australian community, rural and urban, to explore the key issues affecting regional, rural and remote Australia and be part of providing positive sustainable outcomes to ensure future prosperity.


Pulp and Paper Industry Strategy
On 19 June 2009, the Minister for Innovation, Industry, Science and Research, Senator Kim Carr, announced the formation of a new Pulp and Paper Industry Strategy Group to undertake a review of the pulp and paper industry in Australia. The Strategy Group was tasked with developing a plan to encourage innovation and attract investment in pulp and paper manufacturing in Australia. Members of the Strategy Group included senior representatives from the leading pulp and paper companies, unions, industry experts and all levels of government.



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Plantation people go to work each day secure in the knowledge that their jobs are environmentally and economically sustainable:
Plantation people are champions of:
(1) Carbon removal and storage and combating climate change
(2) Re-vegetating cleared land and improving wildlife habitat and biodiversity
(3) Slowing rainfall runoff and improving the quality of water in our rivers and creeks
(4) Providing sheltered windbreaks for livestock and creating positive synergies with agriculture through farm forestry
(5) Providing sustainable wood and wood products for our society
(6) Providing the raw material for environmentally friendly bio-energy.