Logo AGDAFFDepartment of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry
The Australian Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry’s role is to develop and implement policies and programs that ensure Australia's agricultural,
fisheries, food and forestry industries remain competitive, profitable and sustainable. Our policies and programs
Encourage and support sustainable natural resource use and management. Protect the health and safety of plant and animal industries.
Enable industries to adapt to compete in a fast-changing international and economic environment.
Help improve market access and market performance for the agricultural and food sector
Encourage and assist industries to adopt new technology and practices, and assist primary producers and the food industry to develop business and marketing skills, and to be financially self-reliant.
The department employs about 4,200 staff in Australia and overseas, including policy officers, program administrators, scientists, economists, meat inspectors, veterinary officers and quarantine inspectors.

Logo FICForest Industry Council
FIC produces an annual Business Plan which details specific projects to be undertaken to ensure objectives are achieved. FIC objectives are:
To advance the stability and prosperity of Industry based on the forests of the southern NSW region through communication, understanding and seeking resolution to problems of mutual concern.
To encourage high standards of performance and efficiency in all operations through programmes of education, environmental management, training and promotion of safe working practices for personnel engaged in the Industry.
To provide a mechanism for Industry to contribute to the.
development of competency standards and relevant training curriculum through membership on relevant industry training boards.
To promote community understanding of the various aspects of the Industry and its contribution to the areas of economic and social development.
To sponsor such programmes as are deemed necessary and desirable to further Industry and community development.



Logo P2020Plantations 2020
Plantations for Australia: The 2020 Vision is a strategic partnership between the Commonwealth, State and Territory Governments and the plantation timber growing and processing industry. Photograph. The overarching principle of the Plantations 2020 Vision strategy is to enhance regional wealth creation and international competitiveness through a sustainable increase in Australia's plantation resources, based on a notional target of trebling the area of commercial tree crops by 2020. The Plantations 2020 Vision was launched by the then Minister for Primary Industries and Energy, The Hon John Anderson MP, in October 1997.



Logo RDAMRegional Development Australia - Murray
RDA is a national initiative based on building partnerships and ensuring that all governments and stakeholders are responsive to local priorities and needs.
It is a conduit between government and local communities, and a provider of information. RDA committees will be strong advocates for their region and drivers of change.
RDA will have a pivotal role in ensuring the long term sustainability of regional Australia.



Logo NFFNational Farmers Federation
The National Farmers' Federation (NFF) is the peak national body representing farmers and, more broadly, agriculture across Australia. It is one of Australia's foremost and respected lobbying and advocacy organisations.
Since its inception in 1979, the NFF has earned a formidable reputation as a leader in the identification, development and achievement of policy outcomes - championing issues affecting farmers and dedicated to the advancement of agriculture.

The NFF is dedicated to proactively generating greater understanding and better-informed awareness of farming's modern role, contribution and value to the entire community.
One of the keys to the NFF's success has been its commitment to presenting innovative and forward-looking solutions to the issues affecting agriculture, striving to meet current and emerging challenges, and advancing Australia's vital agricultural production base.

Logo NAFINational Association of Forest Industries
NAFI represents the forest Industries view to the Australian community, governments and public authorities on matters relating to the national development and use of forest and forest products, including plantations.

The Association also promotes community awareness of the forest industry by providing information and educational material.
In all its activities, NAFI expresses a view based on a critical review of available research and other reliable scientific information. NAFI's professional team works to communicate an effective message to the Australian community and politicians, and implement a long-term strategy for an environmentally and economically sustainable forest industry



Australian Plantation Products and Paper Industry Council

Logo A3PA3P - the Australian Plantations Products and Paper Industry Council, is the national representative body for the plantation products and paper industry. A3P's member companies include plantation growers, wood and specialty plantation products manufacturers (including sawntimber and wood panels) and paper manufacturers.



Logo FridayOCFridayoff cuts
South Eastern Australia is rich in primary resources, has a skilled labour force and a wealth of natural assets. Inadequate transport infrastructure is impeding orderly development with hundreds of millions of dollars of identified investment being withheld from the region.

Limited access is reducing the returns for existing businesses. Independent consultants report that key transport improvements could generate many millions of dollars worth of new investment.